Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

An online learning guide to a diverse, equal and inclusive working environment

It takes all types of individuals to make a creative, innovative and active business or organisation. This training will support you in creating a welcoming environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, and has the opportunity to achieve.

Written by experts in the field and built by YMCAed’s dedicated eLearning team, this Equality, Diversity and Inclusion course will support managers and staff to understand the impact of discrimination and inequality within the workplace. It will also outline and explain current legislation and how businesses can ensure they are fully compliant.

Featuring a wealth of multimedia content and engaging interactions, the course will ensure learners can effectively engage with the training, while also learning at their own pace and benefiting from a range of accessibility options as required, including full British Sign Language translation of all video content.

Course structure

Structured to include knowledge around core learning objectives, learning is divided into three easily-navigated sections and supported by progressive assessments and a final quiz leading to a scored end result via a completion certificate. The three sections will cover:

  1. Equality, diversity and inclusion: What is it and why is it important?
  2. Equality, diversity and inclusion….and you: How you and your colleagues are protected by legislation.
  3. Creating a culture of inclusion: How employers can create a working environment to help employees to reach their full potential.


Flexible, accessible, measurable multimedia-led learning delivered online.

Written and produced by recognised equality, diversity and inclusion experts.


Competitive per-user starting price with significant volume-based discounts.

Significant cost saving opportunities when compared to face-to-face training.

Certificate upon completion to provide evidence of learning and achievement.


Fully SCORM compliant and LMS compatible, allowing detailed tracking.

Why trust this product?

Central YMCA’s history

Central YMCA is the UK’s leading activity and education charity and has been supporting thousands of children, young people, individuals and communities for over 170 years through our diverse range of facilities, as well as our innovative training and education services and resources.

Expert contributors

We’ve engaged with established and respected equality, diversity and inclusion experts devise a comprehensive programme of training that covers current policies, legislation and best practice that will support organisational policies and procedures in a sound and trustworthy way.

Content updates

Updates to relevant legislative frameworks will be communicated to registered users to ensure up-to-date content is always available.

How much will it cost?

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is competitively priced at £25 per user (excl. VAT), with volume-based discounts, as shown in the examples below. Please contact us for full pricing information or for a bespoke quote if you have 150 or more users.

Up to 10 users

£28/per user

51-60 users

£23/per user

101-110 users

£18/per user

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