Happy and Healthy

Happy and healthy

A collection of trustworthy advice on health, fitness and wellbeing topics

  • Author: Various
  • Formats: ebook and paperback
  • Guide price: from £2.60 (ebook) or £4.99 (paperback)

This book pulls together a selection of informative advice from the Central YMCA Guides series, providing you with a flavour of what you can expect from the collection. Committed to exploring and enhancing public knowledge, Central YMCA Guides span a broad range of topics – from postnatal health to gardening, via exercise, fat loss and nutrition, to name just a few of the areas covered to date – and Happy and Healthy will give you a taste of the series.

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  • Chapter 1 – About Central YMCA Guides
  • Chapter 2 – The Need to Know Guide to Nutrition and Healthy Eating: A balanced, healthy diet
  • Chapter 3 – New Baby, New You: Types of exercise and finding the right exercise for you
  • Chapter 4 – The Scientific Approach to Exercise for Fat Loss: Planning your fat loss programme
  • Chapter 5 – The Need to Know Guide to Life with a Toddler and a Newborn: Preparing for your new arrival
  • Chapter 6 – The Need to Know Guide to Nutrition for Exercise: Supplements
  • Chapter 7 – Gardening for Health: The health benefits for gardening
  • Chapter 8 – 20 Full Body Training Programmes for Exercise Lovers: General fitness

About the author

Central YMCA Guides are written by experienced authors who are experts in their given fields. They draw on their wealth of experience to present practical and invaluable advice for a broad range of readers. Happy and healthy includes contributions from:

  • Tim Shaw
  • Deborah Beard
  • Paul Orridge
  • Nicola Cooper-Abbs
  • Angela Youngman
  • Darren O’Toole