New baby, New You: The Need to Know Guide to Postnatal Health and Happiness

How to return to exercise and get back in shape after giving birth

  • Author: Deborah Beard
  • Formats: ebook and paperback
  • Guide price: from £2.60 (ebook) or £4.99 (paperback)

Getting back into shape, both physically and mentally, after giving birth can seem like an uphill battle. This easy to follow and easy to access guide for mums at all levels of fitness – available through Amazon for Kindle owners and app users – requires no pre-existing knowledge or experience of the subject matter.

Whether you ran marathons before your birth, or just enjoyed a good walk, the top tips and advice outlined in this unique guide will help you to get back to your old self and to make the most of your new life as a mum.

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  • Chapter 1 – Now you’re a mum
  • Chapter 2 – Type of Labour
  • Chapter 3 – Before and after your six week check
  • Chapter 4 – Types of exercise: Finding the right exercise for you
  • Chapter 5 – Losing your baby weight
  • Chapter 6 – Getting out and about
  • Chapter 7 – Friends and family
  • Chapter 8 – Sign posting
  • Chapter 9 – Good luck

About the author

A fitness instructor, tutor and assessor for YMCAfit – the UK’s most established fitness training provider, Deborah Beard has worked in the fitness industry since 2003. Specialising in exercise and pregnancy, Deborah teaches a wide range of courses aimed at fitness professionals, including exercise to music, Keiser cycle, aqua training, core stability training and supple strength.

Before becoming a fitness professional herself Deborah worked in training and development for a number of blue chip corporate companies, designing and delivering training to staff. Now working as a tutor with YMCAfit, Deborah is in no doubt as to what she enjoys most about her career; “I love making a difference to people’s lives. Seeing students blossom and grow into great instructors is so rewarding.”