Run, Jump, Climb and Crawl

The essential training guide for obstacle racing enthusiasts

  • Author: Jacob Salt-Berrymen
  • Formats: ebook and paperback
  • Guide price: from £2.60 (ebook) or £4.99 (paperback)

As obstacle racing increases in popularity across the world, this must read ebook aims to help mud-loving runners to prepare for the challenging events and their increasingly extreme obstacles.

The guide covers everything you need to know to get you from your sofa to the finishing line, including what types of races to choose, what demands they will place on your fitness and your body, what obstacles you are likely to face and, vitally, how you can train for them. Also, if you don’t fancy taking your iPad into the mud, the guide is available in paperback format.

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  • Chapter 1 – Choosing your race
  • Chapter 2 – Demands of obstacle racing
  • Chapter 3 – Fuel your fire
  • Chapter 4 – Wear it with pride
  • Chapter 5 – Working up a sweat
  • Chapter 6 – Know your enemy
  • Chapter 7 – Race tactics
  • Chapter 8 – Fail to prepare, prepare to fail
  • Chapter 9 – Race day
  • Chapter 10 – Zero to hero: The 12 week training plan
  • Chapter 11 – The workouts!
  • Chapter 12 – Running for charity FAQ