Tri-harder: The A-Z of Triathlon for Improvers

The triathlon competitors’ guide to training and improving your running, cycling and swimming times

  • Author: Max Bower
  • Formats: ebook and paperback
  • Guide price: from £2.60 (ebook) or £4.99 (paperback)

A must read for enthusiastic triathletes looking to improve their techniques and times across the gruelling sport’s swimming, cycling and running stages. This A to Z guide covers everything, from training techniques and kit considerations, to effective bike gear selection and injury avoidance.

Packed with tips for fitness, performance enhancement, added enjoyment and more, this is just what the triathlon world and its hundreds of thousands of aspiring triathletes have been waiting for. Also available in paperback format.

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  • Chapter 1 – Ask yourself what you want to achieve…
  • Chapter 2 – Brick training
  • Chapter 3 –Circuit training
  • Chapter 4 –Distances
  • Chapter 5 –Endurance training versus speed training
  • Chapter 6 –Formats
  • Chapter 7 –Gear selection (or how to cycle faster for less effort…)
  • Chapter 8 –Help from experts
  • Chapter 9 –Injury avoidance
  • Chapter 10 –Juggling training and ‘real’ life
  • Chapter 11 –Kit
  • Chapter 12 –Lifestyle
  • Chapter 13 –Milestones
  • Chapter 14 –Nutrition
  • Chapter 15 –Off season
  • Chapter 16 –Periodisation
  • Chapter 17 –Question your approach constantly…
  • Chapter 18 –Run faster (for less effort)
  • Chapter 19 –Strategy
  • Chapter 20 –Transitions
  • Chapter 21 –Use your strengths, work on your weaknesses
  • Chapter 22 –Volume of training
  • Chapter 23 –Weights
  • Chapter 24 –X-factor
  • Chapter 25 –Year plan
  • Chapter 26 –Zzzz…

About the author

Max Bower has been involved in triathlon since the 1990s, having taken part in a wide variety of events around the UK. He has worked in the fitness industry since 1998, as a practitioner in a wide variety of styles including Pilates, cardiac rehabilitation, studio cycling and personal training.

As a qualified teacher and tutor for YMCA Fitness Industry Training, he developed and continues to deliver a triathlon course for fitness instructors which is being rolled out across England in partnership with Triathlon England.